About Me



I’m a true worshipper. Worship is not just music its a lifestyle that I choose to live. #ILoveGod #JEsusIsLord

Im a single mother of three.

Just a woman of God determined to make a difference!

Empowering women TO PUSH THROUGH!

What is this “Gracefully Humbled”business about??

When you read or hear the words “Gracefully Humbled” what exactly comes to mind?

Grace is the free and unmerited (Undeserving) favor of God.

Embracing Humility empowers one to be humble.

Most can tell you what it is to NOT be humble but still can’t truly define the word “humble”. I wonder is it really that we can’t define the word or is it that the actual meaning of the word does not fit into our self-protected lives?

To be humble is to simply see the well-being of others as more important and or of higher value than self-gain.

My call to encourage, inspire and impact the lives of women across the world can only be fulfilled by taking a stand to gracefully be humbled through submission to Gods leading of the Holy Spirit. Gracefully humbled means that its only by Gods undeserving grace that I am even alive which in return humbles me on all levels empowering me to operate freely in love. Love is ultimately the end goal. We all want to be loved and accepted right?

I pray that my blog would be used to magnify the Grace of God, given to each of you, enabling humbled hearts & minds which furthermore leads to a call of action to repentance and new perspectives on life’s circumstances as well as the people surrounding them.

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